restaurants for corporate dinner


Bangkok city has various luxury restaurants for corporate dinner event that are fitting for various occasions, casual dinner, corporate anniversaries, gathering to celebrate the success of the company or birthday parties. Whatever your wishes may be, we can arrange the perfect locations that fit your desires, by selecting the right menu course with perfect wine your night can begin. Restaurants for corporate events are a way of treating special people with all the attention they deserve or just a team building dinner to increase performance. Plenty of choices.


Restaurant for Gala dinner

Restaurants for corporate dinner or gala dinner have everything to your need, 4 to 5 course menu and various wines from different countries around the world that go along well with each course. Hosting a restaurant corporate dinner event or gala will give access to our finest chefs and hosts on the floor, who will assist you in selecting the best menu course.

gala dinner for team building event

Original restaurant for corporate dinner

Original restaurants for corporate dinner at restaurants for corporate dinner will include one of our best dining areas. Specially reserved for events and celebration with exclusivity only to you and your guests. Restaurants for corporate dinner include Mediterranean cooking with national and international magical touch that appeals to appetite and lets everyone crave for more. 

corporate dinner in the dark

Dining in the dark at restaurants for corporate dinner is one of the infamous ways, where you are completely cut off from the rest of the world, while you enjoy fine food and listen to great music. At restaurants for corporate dinner your personal electronic devices will be kept secured for you till the end of the night without any interruptions.. 

Corporate dinner in the Ice

We also have dinner ice events at restaurants for corporate dinner, where dry ice is used to give the atmosphere an icy look. Creating a theater look for the evening accompanied by champagne and delicious food, while you enjoy the scenery. 

Corporate dinner on a boat

Another great way of dining at restaurants for corporate dinner is by boat, where we take on a tour through the city of Bangkok while you dine. Fresh food is served on the side and everything to the planning of the guests. Who knows at restaurants for corporate dinner you might end spending the night on the dining boat. Besides Bangkok is known for its beauty during the day but especially during the night where the entire city is still full of crowded people, malls still open and plenty to see, restaurants for corporate dinner on a boat is the best way to experience that.

Secret Garden

Bangkok secret garden says it all, you and your guests will dine at one of luxurious secret garden venues during restaurants for corporate dinner events. The venue is decorated to have a garden look with amazing design, where you can enjoy the night with friends. Most of our restaurants for corporate dinner guests do appreciate privacy and that can be arranged for most of our dinner events. 

Corporate buffet dinner is all you can eat at restaurants for corporate dinner, fresh food, a lot of fresh drinks, wines and beer. Less luxurious but a great choice of cuisines. Live music on site can be arranged while food is getting served for the guests. It is also to keep in mind that restaurants for corporate dinner or buffet can be of a formal and informal occasion. We like to have a wide range of choices open for dinner events to our guests. 

restaurant for cooperate event

When hosting a dinner event it is recommended to choose a menu course that is appealing to everyone, furthermore a venue with a perfect location that is accessible to the guests. Contact us anytime you feel like it, we will be glad to provide offers and services that are at our disposal. 

Team Work is the Key !!

That’s what make the difference between companies, has the biggest impact on success and what you should definitely focus on.

The willingness of your teammates to work as one and help each other will make it easier to achieve any deadline.

All this activities focus mainly on it and should be an important part of your next team building.

Bring them closer to your company values.

This is the right moment to do it, as they work together and share a common objective. They focus on achieving the same goals it makes it easier to implement your core values.

We work with our clients to design the best outcomes for their event


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