Corporate boat party

Want to throw a team building party, but want something original that your employees won’t immediately forget? Then a corporate boat party is the best choice you can make – it’s the type of party your employees will be talking about for the months to come.

 In addition to being an excellent choice for team building, corporate boat party  first of all allow your employees to see each other outside the professional framework, moreover, corporate boat party are activities that take place in the open air helps your employees relax, relieve work stress and have a good time. And the more time your employees  have, the more stressful they are, the better they work.

Boat party at any location in Thailand

Our corporate boat parties can take place where you want, whether on the sea in Pattaya, Phuket, Samui, Hua Hin or even Krabi, we can organize your evening where you want and create the prefect decoration that you expect on the boat. Wish we will meet all your requirement and much more.

We also have the possibility of organizing your corporate boat party on a river if you prefer: Kanchanburi, Saiyoke and Kao Yai are for example the perfect place to organize this type of evening. Regardless of whether it is on the sea or on a river, your employees will have an unforgettable evening, during which they will share and reveal their own personalities. The party will be allowed your staffs from different departments to know each other better and can work in the the team better after this event.

During your corporate boat party we can also organize team building games that will make your corporate event on the boat or yacht  fun and exciting in the evening  

corporate boat party

corporate yacht party

Is there a better place to party than on a yacht? Trust the best team of team building organizations in Thailand to organize your corporate boat party on one of our yachts. Its luxurious boats will make your evenings special and make your employees feel special too! We’ll make sure your people come out feeling stressed and fully prepared to be more productive than ever. We’ll also make sure to run the event exactly how you want it to be, and even better.

H2: Large boats for large corporate groups

We can accommodate groups of 10 people but also groups of 160 people, no matter how many you are, we are able to welcome you aboard our magnificent boats.

In addition, we make sure to adapt our games to your number of employees, whether it is 10 employees or 160 our games for corporate boat party will always be as fun for you and your teams.

Boat transport in our amazing races

We do races and treasure hunts, treasure hunts during which you will also be able to discover Bangkok and Thailand by doing Thai boxing for example, or by tasting Thai food and many other related challenges with Thai culture: the challenge in all this is that each team will have a certain amount of money and it will have to spend as little as possible while using the cheapest public transport for their return and small boats will be part of it.        


Best corporate boat party

As we told you previously, Team building bangkok can organize the type of corporate boat party you want. Our pride is in meeting your needs.

  So what are you waiting for to contact us and let us organize your beautiful corporate boat party? You can contact us via our social networks but also by phone number

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