Orphan Teaching Charity

Orphan Teaching Charity

What is a CSR activity? A CSR activity is a corporate social responsibility, it is an activity that brings companies to do things for the society or the city or the country in which they live, it is the way to do super relaxing and enjoyable activities with employees but it is also in a sense a way of communicating the image of their company, orphan teaching  charity activity is therefore part of its activities for example. So this is something that companies around the world and their leaders are including and practicing more and more with their employees.

Orphan teaching activity is the best activity you can do with your team: what better way to spend a relaxing day with your employees than doing a day in an orphanage with children and bringing them a little happiness and your company during the day? ‘a day ? This is an activity that teams often like because it reveals other personality traits of each of your employees that they do not necessarily show within the company.

CSR activity with unprivileged schools and orphanages

Orphan CSR activity in unprivileged schools and orphanages will allow you to do a humanitarian activity and relax in the same way, doing with colleagues something more different than what you are used to doing together on a daily basis.

Our Bangkok team building team will take care of capturing you in photos and videos the magical moments you are going to spend so that you can fully enjoy the great moment and still have memories of your orphan teaching charity activities.

orphan teaching

Cultural CSR activities at schools and orphanages

You will also be able to do some Thai cultural activities during your orphan teaching charity activities.

Acting CSR class

Do you like acting games and be an acting coach for kids? This CSR activity is for you .You can use your skills and experiences for teaching kids through stories and acting. In the end of the class, kids can do the role play and perform in the class or on the stage for  showing other groups. 

Dancing CSR class

The dancing CSR class, are often the most fun Orphan CSR activity classes, because they are the ones that get you out of your comfort zones and get ready for children’s games and choreography. It is an activity that will allow you to relax, exercise and have fun at the same time.

Singing CSR class

Like the CSR class dancing, the CSR class singing are also activities that will push you to get out of your comfort zones and do things that you are not used to doing but that you are going to do. CSR activity.

plastic art CSR class

During this Orphan CSR class activity, you will bring your own markers, coloring pencils, paint and everything you will need to practice this relaxing activity with the children.

school equipment CSR

This is an activity where you will distribute school supplies such as pens, notebooks and other types of school supplies to children who attend schools and who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

CSR Ice cream machine

 You will allow children during the Orphan CSR activity to have ice cream, and learn to use an ice cream maker.

Best orphan CSR activity

Orphan Ice-cream

What are you waiting for to contact us and let us organize this wonderful day of CSR orphan teaching charity with children? You can contact us through our social networks on which we are very active and we will be happy to inform you more about the Orphan CSR activity and all other activities, you can also in another case call us on our telephone number available on our website, to make reservations for your Orphan CSR activity or for more information.

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