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Thailand is an Asian country well known for its gastronomy, which is why we offer companies that come to do their team building in Bangkok to discover the beautiful and diverse gastronomy of this country by offering Thai cooking classes. The cooking class for team building activity is even more ideal if you are a group coming from abroad because it will allow you to exchange with locals and make a cultural exchange. 

cooking class

Cooking class through a fun treasure hunt

Are you a company looking for a way to get your teams to do a team building that will allow them to learn things but also to discover the gastronomic universe of another culture? With our cooking class for team building, you will be able to give your team an unforgettable experience.


Our cooking class for team building takes place over one day: we will accompany your teams to find all the ingredients they need to cook in the biggest local market in Bangkok. This search for ingredients is done in the form of a treasure hunt, which will also allow them to visit the Bangkok market. Then, after he has found everything they need during the treasure hunt we will join our cooking workshop which is located in the middle of an authentic Thai temple, which makes the activity all the more interesting. 

We also organize mini activities such as a blind test during which we will make each person taste dishes, and they will have to guess what ingredients contain the dishes they taste, we also set up a fruit carving workshop and finally we teach them to order their favorite dishes in Thai dialect, so that they can use what we have taught them in our cooking class for team building throughout their journey in Thailand.


Cooking class for Team Building Bangkok

Masterchef cooking

 Are you a big fan of the MasterChef show and have always dreamed of being able to participate? Then this is the activity for you!

Our master chef cooking courses are different from our cooking classes for team building. During this activity, which is supervised by real chefs, you will have to divide your teams into several small teams: each team will then have to recreate dishes and present them to the jury, the goal being of course to create the most beautiful and tasty dish. The juror will taste the dishes and will at the end have to designate a winner. 

This kind of activity not only creates a kind of healthy competition between your team, but it will also help to create cohesion between them and create memories in common.

In addition to creating a lot of memories for your employees, it will allow them to leave Thailand knowing how to master new recipes that they learned during their cooking class for team building and  they can reproduce when they return home.

Cooking Class for Team Building BKK

Cooking class with the market experience

Our cooking class with market experience courses are much longer than our cooking class for team building and our master chef cooking.

This cooking class starts off by going shopping for ingredients in the famous Klong toey market as we do for the cooking class for team building class.

Then, we start the second step of the course, each team will reproduce different typical Thai dishes using the same ingredients. We will give you the time to create and reveal your talents in Thai cuisine.


In addition, unlike the cooking class for team building, our master chef cooking takes place in a beautiful, equipped villa in Bangkok, which will allow you to learn and have fun with your colleagues in complete privacy. 

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