Agro bike company outing

To begin with, the agro bike company outing allows you to find yourself in the middle of nature. Thus, it allows you to get out of Bangkok and its pollution. So if you are fed up with your city life and you need to experience new things. So you have come to the right place! First of all, because we provide you with the bikes to travel through lands unexplored by tourists. So, the purpose of this adventure is to make you feel like a person who lives in the countryside. So come and discover what the planet really offers us.

Bike company outing Kanchanaburi

Get out of Bangkok for some fresh air

Firstly, the agro bike company outing makes you discover new landscapes. So you get out of pollution, noise and people. To take refuge in a little corner of paradise. First of all, because you will be able to cycle in the middle of nature. Thus, you can admire green landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see. But also, to feel the fresh and pure air of the countryside. This will allow you to relax and unwind from the tiring weeks at work. Then, our agro bike company outing is not just a visual activity. 

Wait, do you think we’ll be riding for you? Ha ha no it’s up to you to make a physical effort during the activity. Thus, it will allow you that this activity is beneficial mentally as well as physically for you. Then, our team has planned several ways so that you can choose the number of kilometers you want to establish. A word of advice, it would be better to always start with a short course! And of course, every week, you add kilometers to your route. So set yourself a goal and we will do everything to achieve it. But always in a good mood!

Bicycle Company outing

Company outing in Kanchanaburi

Secondly, the agro bike company outing is an activity that you can do in 2 places! And yes, you can join us in Kanchanaburi and Kao Yai. These are 2 villages very isolated from the big cities to allow you to find yourself. So, you have the choice and that also means that there are a multitude of routes that you could take. So go ahead! So you can invite your family, friends or even your employees to all together enjoy the agro bike company outing. 

Of course, we’re not top competitors so don’t worry. Thus, the goal is not to go faster by bike but to observe what surrounds us. Then during our journey, we could meet peasants working in their fields. So we can stop and admire their work. And if you wish, you can go and meet them to discover the farming profession. During our journey, we could meet a multitude of fields. So, don’t hesitate to ask us to stop by to admire them at work.

Bicycle company outing Kanchanaburi

Agro bike company outing for employees stress release

Thirdly, the agro bike company outing also allows you to have a good time outdoors with your colleagues. This activity allows you to explore nature but also to get to know yourself. Thus, you will be able to play sports and therefore relax your body from the stress accumulated by work. So the agro bike company outing allows you to bond with your work colleagues. But also to take care of your body! So, if you feel that your employees are starting to be saturated with the work to be done. Then the agro bike company outing is for you!

Finally, the agro bike company outing is made so that you take the time to live! It’s so important to feel that time stands still. To no longer have things to do. And just enjoy the moment. So don’t hesitate any longer and join us! Contact us by phone or on our website if you would like more information. Our team is waiting for you to go on an adventure!

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