What is an online escape game?

Online escape games are usually run through a video conferencing platform, where your team solves different puzzles and finds hidden clues to escape the room. The virtual secret room creates an energetic and mysterious story for each room.

These games will allow your team to collaborate and use their critical thinking skills to establish good connections with each other. This event is fun as well as a great opportunity for your team to collaborate and apply problem-solving skills.

Do not hesitate anymore, we have the best online escape games your team will love!  Who doesn’t like good escape games? In these crazy times, online escape games have become more and more popular.

Online escape games

Why online escape room game for your virtual team building event?

Virtual Escape game is an online-based escape room via Zoom and other platforms. In these activities, the team solves puzzles and completes them in a set period, with the goal of escaping the room. The reason for these experiences is to encourage effective communication between employees. These experiences are sometimes called online escape rooms or virtual escape games.

The game allows remote teams to get together, communicate and solve problems. While attracting virtual employees, there are many ways to develop skills and build relationships in remote teams. Getting together to solve the immediate problem is essential to escape the room within the time limit. Therefore, communication is so important. Contact us for more escape games. We will select the best fun and smooth games that will suit your team-building event.


Online escape games

best Online escape games for your team building event

Power of the Brain

Power of the Brain focuses on topics such as engineering, coding, photography, and reading, using educational methods from educational games. Each week brings new room escape challenges with new secular or historical themes. These virtual escape rooms are perfect for students or workers who miss the old days of the computer lab.


Mystery adventure

Although technically not an escape room, this virtual event uses similar mechanisms to solve puzzles and mysteries. The team will break into the team room and work together to solve the actual historical murder case. Before finally revealing the true sequence of events, the guide will help detectives provide clues and directions.


Hidden escape

The hidden Escape from Puzzle Break is one of the most popular virtual escape rooms for groups. Puzzle Break is one of the pioneers of physical room escape and one of the first companies to adopt virtual media as the company collectively shifts to remote work. This theme adventure is carried out through Zoom and can accommodate many players. In an hour of fairytale fun, the game master instructs the team to complete challenging time-sensitive puzzles.


Web Trap

 You can play the virtual adventure Caught on the Web anytime, anywhere. These are text-based adventures that combine video and image elements and force the team to search the World Wide Web for clues. The company offers several adventure activities, names include Cabin Fever and A Night at the Theater. Each room takes an hour or two to complete.



Replace Games took a more whimsical approach to virtual escape rooms, replacing action movie concepts like robbery and espionage with themes like pizza and rock music. The game is played through Zoom, which provides a simple reservation process. These puzzles are suitable for all abilities and comfort levels and can be fun entertainment options for events like virtual retirement parties.

How do we organize online escape games for your virtual team building event?

To start being your virtual team-building event, you need to let an event organizer determine the best game that will be ideal for the number of participants in your team. That is the reason we are here to assist you to organize as well as provide you the best games.

We can provide your team with VR to have an exciting experience depending on the number of team members.  So, whether you want to find small fun and exciting games for your workers or want everyone to participate, we got you covered. Our team will select the most engaging escape games and guarantee a smooth organization of the event.

Online escape games

VR Escape games

The main purpose of escape games is to allow people to escape from the reality of daily life, and in VR escape games, the whole game is played in virtual reality environments. The experience can be as exciting as the design allows it to be. The game manager will supervise the team, provide clues when ask, intervene when necessary, and guide the team in an emergency.

 VR technology allows you to communicate and interact with team members in real-time, which certainly makes it a shared experience. Since more types of puzzles and tasks can be created in the virtual reality world, the scope of testing your creative thinking and teamwork skills in the VR escape game is greater. That is the reason we are here to assist and provide you the best VR escape games for your team. (Link goes here….)

Online escape games

Best Online escape games for your team building event in Bangkok and in Thailand

Escape online games provide a fun way to entertain your employees as well as increase team-building productivity. Think about it; a whole clan in one place, working together to find clues and solve puzzles in a limited amount of time, what could be better?  spending good quality time together working as a team is just fascinating. Contact us, we will assist you with the best interactive online games.


Online escape games
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