minivan for Team Building BKK

For client groups consisting of up to 10 people, a VIP Minivan would be the most suitable form of transportation. It is perfect for the transportation of staff from one point to the next and even from one city to the other, such as Bangkok to Pattaya. Our VIP Minivan comes with an English driver to make communication easier. 

There is an option to turn your VIP Minivan into a Funky VIP Minivan so that the staff can enjoy themselves while travelling to their destination. The Funky VIP Minivan comes with an English driver, a bar, custom sound system, and the option to turn the seats and pull out tables. This is the best option for small company groups that still want to have a bit of fun.


For companies with large groups the best mode of transportation is by bus. Our busses can accommodate up to 50 guests, so it is perfect for company outings. There are also options for busses with an occupancy of 25, 30, and 40. Staff normally board the bus a bit grumpy and sleepy, however, the bus’s hallway allows us to entertain and wake the staff up while on the bus as well as host some ice breaking games so that they get to know each other a bit more and to get the staff in the right mood to start the day. 

Stretch Limos transportation Bangkok

Corporate clients can rent our stretch limousine for various occasions such as for transportation to a prestige gala dinners or corporate events. This transportation method is the most luxurious option we offer and is also perfect for impressing high-end important clients. It can be used for picking up high-end clients from the airport, business meeting, or events. Companies that want to leave a good and lasting impression on their clients tend to make use of the stretch limousine transportation option. 

Party bus for the cooperate


What is the best way to get your staff to a company party? By a party bus! Not all transportation options can provide you with a bus that is custom built for hosting parties for up to 30 guests, but we can. The party bus is perfect for partying on your way to the actual party, or partying after events like an after party. We also offer the option of acting as the main transportation as you travel through Bangkok and want to party on the bus. No need for long hours in traffic and having your mood killed, the party bus lets you enjoy those long hours in traffic while you’re heading to your destination.

Yacht Corporate Party at the Beach

In the event of company parties, gala dinners, end of the year functions, staff reward ceremonies, or even team building activities, companies can rent a yacht or boat to host their events on. Our selection of boats and yachts offer clients a wide variety to choose from to suite their unique preference. 

The boats and yachts have a capacity of between 10 to 300 people. We operate in five coastal cities for on the ocean events – Pattaya, Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Phuket, and Krabi. We also operate on rivers in Bangkok and Kanchanaburi such as the Chao Phraya River and the Siam River. 

Alongside parties and events, we also offer private ship cruises on request to private as well as corporate clients. This option is for private clients or smaller groups that want to explore the beaches or rivers of Thailand.


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