Recycle plastic art

To begin with, our CSR team building activity will allow you to help unprivileged people and in addition to helping the environment. Quite simply, because we offer you the possibility of doing an activity where plastic is recycled. That is, you are going to use plastic that you already use. But of course, they will be clean to avoid any problems. So you can come to meet unprivileged children in a school and help them make them smile!

Recycle plastic art for CSR Bangkok

Corporate social responsibility activity

Firstly, our CSR team building activity will allow you to obtain a positive image of your company. First of all, because you are paying attention to pollution and you are recycling. You should know that with plastic that has already been used, we can rebuild a lot of things instead of throwing it into the oceans. Thus, you will be able to communicate your actions for the environment on social networks. But also for these underprivileged children who have not had the chance to have a good living condition. 

So our CSR team building activity needs you and your team to make them laugh! We do CSR through recycle plastic art .This will allow them to have a great memory and meet new people. Then, our CSR team building activity is suitable for a maximum of 50 people. Because we have a team that will already be there and they can’t handle more people. So our team will be at your disposal all day if you need help. Then, she will also liven up the day to set the mood and put the children at ease.

Secondly, our CSR team building activity will allow you to have a fun day with your employees. Thus, it will allow your colleagues to get out of the professional atmosphere and enjoy the present moment. So, they can create group cohesion by getting to know each other around a positive activity. Then, our CSR team building activity will allow you to carry out several activities around the theme of plastic as the recycle plastic art . So, for example, you can make plastic constructions such as fish or plastic pots. 

Our CSR team building activity will allow you to help these disadvantaged young children. First of all, because you can give gifts such as school supplies. That is to say, you could help them by offering them an education in good working condition. Then, you could also give them the best day of their life. Simply by giving them lots of happy memories!

Thirdly, our CSR team building activity is the best activity you can find on the market! First of all, because you are showing a good image to your customers by recycling plastic. But also, you come to the aid of poor children and you offer them the possibility of studying in a better environment. Then, the constructions that the children will have to carry out to be exhibited in their school as a souvenir of this day and they can use the creation in their daily life. 

Our CSR team building activity will allow you to spend an exemplary day and bring back smiles to children who need it! Then, you will have at your disposal the best possible team who will accompany you throughout the day. Thus, you can enjoy the present moment without worrying about the organization or the animation. We take care of everyone! Then, we have always received very good satisfaction from our customers. So, we want to meet your expectations as best as possible because it is very important to us.

Finally, our CSR team building activity is waiting for you to accompany you during this adventure! So what are you waiting for to help these young children and the environment? Contact us by phone or on our website if you would like more information. Our team will be happy to organize your day and that you keep wonderful memories!

recycle plastic art
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