Raft building company outing

Are you looking for an activity for your team building that would allow your employees to form teams, to make them communicate advantages with each other so that they can develop bonds in a non-work environment? the Raft building company outing is what you need!!

This activity is known to be both fun but also extremely interesting because it requires each team member to reflect with the others, that they set goals and that together they develop a strategy in order to achieve the desired result together.

Raft building company outing

Our raft building company outing takes place in several stages, first of all we give the teams time to design their raft without having to have it in hand yet. They will have to think together about what their rafts will look like: this exercise as for goal to make them communicate and create something creative together with the ideas of each one, the more they will communicate during this exercise the more their rafts will be perfect.

In the meantime, raft construction equipment is on the beach in front of the hotel where your employees sit to reflect.

For your Raft building company outing, Team Building Bangkok company will reserve you a room in the hotel of your choice which can accommodate your whole team building group and so that your raft building company outing goes as well as possible we also privatize the beach, which is located in front of the hotel, so that this afternoon is the most relaxing and enjoyable for your team.

Company outing at the river

If you’re looking to re-motivate, congratulate, or re-boost your work team’s productivity, the best thing to do is go out and do activities in the fresh air.

The Bangkok Team Building, in addition to the raft building company outing, offers many other activities by the river such as: Bamboo Raft, Aqua Rifting, go see the Waterfalls and many others.

It is scientifically proven that the more relaxed and not stressed a work team is the more productive it is, which is why after those activities we also reserve the night in bungalow on the river which will allow your team to spend a relaxing team Building and you found employees ready to return to work in a more serene and productive manner.

We offer this activity in Kanjanaburi, Kao Yai and Sayoke for company outings.

Raft building for team cohesion

Raft building for team cohesion

As we mentioned before, it is advisable for business leaders to invest in the well-being of their employees because it has been proven that a company that takes care of the well-being of its employees often works better than those that do not.

Team Buildings are the best way to get your teams to do something fun and educational at the same time. In addition, without realizing it, during the raft building company outing they create bonds that they never could have created in the course of their work and this bond creates a cohesion that then benefits the company.

Outdoor activities such as raft building company outing are therefore a very good way to create cohesion within your teams.

Fun raft riding at the river

We suggest that after having finished building their rafts during the raft building company outing workshop: the teams can go and relax aboard their rafts on the River Kwai, which is a very famous river and which offers you beautiful scenery. This will allow them once again to breathe fresh air, but also to use their own rafts, which will allow them to be proud of what they have been able to achieve during this day and to come back from this raft building company outing by having accomplished something and being relaxed.

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