Online team cohesion games

COVID19 has transformed many if not most of the work teams into virtual teams, which means changes in the work environment, communication practices, meetings, online platforms, and applications.

In these past few years, workers now take many of the changes for granted. This may be the best time to analyze the team’s interpersonal interactions. What can you do to maximize your online team cohesion?

Online team building

What is an online team cohesion game?

Games or activities that bring bonds between members of a team unite them and the entire team together, it can be said that the team is in a state of cohesion.  An online team cohesion game provides continuous connection performance between higher self-esteem, higher team morale, and better team performance. Who doesn’t want better team performance?

Our online team cohesion games are the ideal fit for your virtual team building among your works. We offer and create the best team building to help keep your employees stay connected during this pandemic situation.


Why online team cohesion game for your virtual team building event?

When working alone, team members do not adapt as quickly as a team. By developing an awareness of all the cultural uniqueness that each person brings, the team can increase participation and harmony.

Here are a few reasons why team cohesion games for online team building are important:

  • Appreciate the uniqueness of team members and let them know that you appreciate their uniqueness.
  • Ask team members about their work preferences, what time of day they are most productive, the relationship between their work and life, and other related topics.
  • These online team cohesion activities establish an understanding of the personal culture of each team member, thus establishing a culture that recognizes and strengthens the team.


Online team cohesion games

Best Online team cohesion games for your team building event


What Would You Do? is one of several scenario-based virtual team building exercises you can do.

Split employees into teams or discuss as one big group.

Pose hypothetical questions.

Let employees talk through a plan of action.

Not only does What Would You Do? foster fun and engagement, but this virtual team activity allows coworkers to learn each other’s problem-solving processes in real time.



Forensic Sketch Artist is a fun and creative virtual team building game.

Here is how to play: Split your coworkers into teams.

Tell participants there was a series of robberies last night. Luckily, each team has a witness who saw the robber’s face before narrowly escaping the scene.

 Create a face with a random face generator. Show one person per team the face of the “robber”.

Have the person who viewed the face describe it to their team. Other members must sketch the face based on the description. After ten minutes, collect the portraits. The portrait closest to the original face wins!

For more online team cohesion games for your team building events, contact us for more interactive and smooth online games.

Online team cohesion games

How do we organize online team cohesion games for your virtual team building event?

Encourage public chats and daily communication between members, even if their work does not overlap with yours. It is also important to check in daily to ensure that everyone feels accepted and seen. When team building is needed, you can consider asking your team what activities they like, you can propose options and vote, or allow different team members to choose and lead activities each time to ensure that everyone is interested in fun.

Online team-building activities are a great way to achieve this goal. The group can have fun enjoying various creative as well as other fun games to develop the employee’s creativity. These engaging activities can help colleagues build rapport and friendship even behind the screen. We are here to help your team have tremendous fun with our online games.

Online team cohesion games

Best Online team cohesion games for your team building event in Bangkok and in Thailand

Team cohesion activities will strengthen your employees’ stamina and help them cope with the adversities of social distancing much better.

 With the help of our team-building personnel, your team members will be able to form more positive attitudes to their job and become more efficient and productive professionally. Whatever you need we got you covered! Reach our team of experts for the best team cohesion games and events in Thailand.


Online team cohesion games
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