Fruit carving

Fruit carving is a traditional activity in Thailand, and we offer this activity for our team building events, though different options relating with Thai culture.
fruit carving

What is fruit carving?

Fruit carving is the art of carving fruit, a very common technique in Asian countries, and particularly popular in Thailand. There are many fruits that can be used in this process, the most popular ones that artists use are watermelons, apples, strawberries, pineapples, and cantaloupes. Fruit carving is a significant part of Thai cultural heritage. Watermelon carving dates to the 14th century in Thailand during the Sukhothai dynasty. For this fruit carving activity, you can let us know in advance which fruit you would like to use so we can prepare the fruits along with the possible design for this specific fruit.

fruit carving Team Building BKK

Fruit carving through a fun cultural treasure hunt

Fruit carving is one of the famous ways to make the food look beautiful and tasty, and this is an art in Thailand. Team Building Bangkok is offering this activity within our infamous Amazing Adventure Bangkok gastronomic trail. 

During this treasure hunt, participants will have to buy ingredient in a local market, learn how to cook a Thai dish with the ingredient bought, in the vicinity of an amazing temple, join a blind fold food tasting contest based on the most famous Thai dishes, learn how to order their favorite dishes in Thai phonetic and of course realize fruit carving masterpiece, all these under the supervision of our expert for each activity. 

Each team will have limited budget, will use different traditional ways of transport, and will have bonus challenges to realize during this fun treasure hunt. This treasure hunt is conducted near Rama 4 in Bangkok, along with the botanic garden of Bang Kra Chao to avoid tourist traps, interact with locals, and learn about the Thai culture through exciting and fun activities.

Fruit curving Amazing Adventure Bangkok

Fruit carving for cultural activity

Besides our infamous amazing adventure cultural treasure hunt, where fruit carving is part of, we can also organize isolated activities such as carving as part of cultural activities for your team building event. For this option, you can select the cultural activities you would like to experience during your teambuilding event and we can make it happen at the location or your choice. 

These cultural activities would be great for your group if you have foreigners and Thai nationals working together as Thai people will love to share their culture and passions with the foreigners from their team. It is also ideal for companies from abroad who come to Bangkok for a seminar, a conference or an exhibition, as they surely would like to learn about Thai culture as part of their team building activity.  The cultural activities we offer for team building events included but are not limited to:

-Thai Boxing initiation

– Thai massage initiation

– Thai dancing fun contest

– Thai craft making (Flower bracelet, etc.)

– Thai cooking class & contest

To get a better idea of what can be organized, please feel free to have a look at one of our numerous cultural team building event, organized for Allianz Insurances in a park in Bangkok center:

As you understand, fruit carving is fully part of the Thai culture, this might not be the most fun activity, however, this is a great way to get the Thai national and the foreigner close together and we would like to suggest our Amazing Adventure gastronomic trail to be able to learn about all the gastronomic aspect of the Thai culture, including of course the infamous fruit carving activity. Contact us now for more info!


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