Corporate stretch Limousine

  Do you need a vehicle to pick you up from the airport? For your evenings or to pick up your customers at the airport? We have exactly what you need! Our corporate stretch limousine are the most luxurious means of transportation we can offer you: with these, your evenings can only go in the best way and your VIP clients can only be impressed.

 In addition, the services we offer with our corporate stretch limousine are just as luxurious as the vehicle.

corporate stretch limousine

Stretch limo to welcome your VIP clients

Are you a business receiving a VIP client? Do you want to welcome it in the best possible way? Team Building Bangkok with its corporate stretch limousine will help you make the arrival of your VIP client something impressive.

   We will first wait for your client at the exit door of the airport, our drivers will make sure to have a sign with your client’s name so that he can recognize our driver.

 Then we will escort to the front of the corporate stretch limousine, while we get rid of its business: inside this limousine your customers will discover many little things such as glasses of champagnes already served and small appetizers .

   You can be sure that your client will be completely comfortable and very well received upon arrival in Bangkok, then we will drive them to the address indicated.

Stretch limo for company party

Organizing a company party is the best way to bond between your employees and relax the atmosphere, because work can often be a source of a lot of stress and we now know that stress at work is counterproductive. So you are looking for a way to party with your employees in an original way?

The corporate stretch limousine is all you need: this limousine is spacious and can accommodate a lot of people, plus we have refrigerators so that we can keep your food and drinks cool, we have speakers, a mini-bar, a television and we can even hire a DJ who will take care of making your evening even more crazy.

Partying in a corporate stretch limousine is also the way to be able to make stops in the most emblematic places of Bangkok and to be able to have wonderful souvenir photos with your employees so that they can remember this unforgettable evening. be that unforgettable. The fact of having this evening in a corporate stretch limousine will make this evening all the more magical because it is not every day that you get into a corporate stretch limousine and it will make your employees feel like VIPs during an entire evening.

    Finally, this evening in the corporate stretch limousine will remain a great memory and a great evening that your employees will have to share that will allow them to break the ice and create team cohesion within your company, which will benefit the company.

Best corporate stretch limousine

As we explained to you previously, our Team Building Bangkok we take care of all your events during which you need a corporate stretch limousine: whether for your team building evenings to break the ice between your employees and create a relaxed atmosphere in your workplace. Or to welcome your VIP clients in the best possible way and make their arrival in Bangkok an unforgettable experience, we take care of everything.

So what are you waiting for? Book your corporate stretch limousine with Team Building Bangkok and you will not be disappointed. You can contact us via our social networks but also by contacting us by phone or to our email.

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