If you are a business and looking to create an event with a lot of attending, we know how difficult it can sometimes be to find venues for the team building event: this is why Team Building Bangkok is here to help. 

With our many years of experience, our contacts and our Team building Bangkok know-how will find you the perfect place to organize your events.


Parks for team building activities

You want to organize a short team building for your team but don’t know what yet? We can help you with the parks. Our partner outdoor parks are the perfect spaces to organize team building event such as big famous treasure event and fun Olympics games  . 

This team building will allow your teams to have a good time together and to do activities outside of their workplace, this venue for team building event is perfect. This way they can get to know their colleagues in a more personal way. It will be an afternoon that will allow them to create memories together and which will make them want to know each other more. In our parks everything is done for your comfort, there is a toilet, a place to shelter in case of rain, we provide you with water and we have the possibility of arranging water related games for your team building event.

park venue

Hotel conference room for indoor team building activities

We can also book hotels for your venues for team building event like conferences or promotional events. You can choose the standard of the hotel according to the kind of event you want. We have luxury hotels and hotels at affordable prices. In addition you can play sports because our hotels are equipped with air conditioning unlike outside where it is hot.

Sport gymnasium for indoor team building

  We know that sport and physical activity help a lot in relieving stress. All our outdoor activities will allow your team to step out of their comfort zone and experience new things together. 

In addition, if you feel that your team is less productive than usual, these activities will allow them to recharge their batteries. These activities will allow your teams to be closer and to learn to communicate with each other. Moreover, our activities are suitable for all types of people, they do not need to have a certain physical condition. We have soccer fields, and tennis courts for example to accommodate your large groups.

Moreover, these venues for team building event is e perfect to have a great deal between the mental and physical health of your teams, it is also a good way to introduce Bangkok to the team that comes to do seminars.

recreation venue for Team Building BKK

Team building event at the beach

If you’re thinking of taking your team for a breath of fresh air, we’ve got you covered. The team building event at the beach is one of our best venues for team building event. We can organize for you and your team many different types of activities depending on what you want. 

For example, if you want to have a chill and relaxing afternoon with your team, we can have you a private Yacht day, or we can also organize something funnier where the persons of your team will have to work and think together as a team. We can privatize the beach in front of the hotel for your group in order to be able to have activities in the sand and organize games, it is also a company outing we take care of your travel between your company and the place.

No matter how many people there are in your team, with Team Building Bangkok everything is possible for your venues for team building events.

Team building event at the river

There is no better way to relax than to do some activities on Bangkok’s many rivers. And for this our company offers you various activities such as: Raft Building, Aqua rifting, Bamboo Raft Cruise and many others.

Conference room for Team Building BKK

Best venues for team building event

Team Building Bangkok is the best company which can help you for your venues for team building event: we really do believe that team building is something important in a company that’s why we will try our best to meet your requirements and select for you and your team the best venues for team building event. 

  Contact us to get your venues for team building event booked or to get more information!!!!!

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