Amazing Cultural RACE

Regardless of whether this is your first an ideal opportunity to visit Bangkok or you’ve been here previously, the Amazing race Cultural Trail is an ideal method to find out about the genuine Thai culture. On the off chance that you need to encounter Bangkok the manner in which neighborhood Thai individuals do, at that point the Amazing race Cultural Trail is perfect for you. 

Detach yourself from the hassles of the day-to-day tourist places of interest and drench yourself in the commonplace and Bangkok way of life and culture. The Challenges that you will experience along the Amazing race Cultural Trail are instructive, engaging, energizing and more fun than you ever envisioned visiting Bangkok could be. We offer different packages for the Amazing race Cultural Trail appropriate for each kind of carefree, corporate experience.

Amazing race Cultural Trail

Cultural Trail Challenges

There are many Amazing race Cultural Trail Challenges :

First, you’ll get familiar with the exceptional abilities needed to make certified Thai crafts and specialties. These are Thai cultural gems that are passed down over generations and we offer you with a chance to experience it. Presently, you can gain from the Thai craftsman, themselves, who utilize old customs to handcraft the present exquisite Thai craftwork, for example, silk-weaving, earthenware production and gems making. In the event that you create and make the most pleasant customary Thai flower arm band or bracelet, you’ll be the victor of the Thai Crafts Challenge.

Thai Craft

Secondly in the Amazing race Cultural Trail, each group learns the conventional Thai Dancing culture and skills of Thailand which are, Khon, Lakhon and Fawn Thai which were once held uniquely for Royal eminence. All aspects of the extravagant Thai outfits and make up has a unique significance to the Thai people and culture and each rich development represents a piece of the story being told. You’ll take in a portion of the Thai dance developments from real, conventional Thai artists and dancers. In this Amazing race Cultural Trail for Thai dancing, the smoothest execution wins the Thai Dance Challenge.

Discover hidden gems

The third Amazing race Cultural Trail after Thai craft and Thai Dancing would be visiting a temple on a mountain in Bangkok. Stowed away from the acclaimed touristic spots, there is an old temple on a mountain in Bangkok. This noteworthy Buddhist place of worship is settled right in the center of the cutting-edge city of Bangkok, yet the vast majority of people do not know about this sanctuary. When you find it, you will have the option to offer your appreciation to the symbol of the extravagance of Thailand history. Be the first to locate this concealed fortune and you’ll win the Temple Challenge.

Discover hidden gems

Then the last challenge of the Amazing race Cultural Trail is Food tasting from our gastronomic trail. Do you Know the distinction between a Kaffir Lime and an ordinary lime? Ever seen what lemon grass resembles before it loans its one-of-a-kind flavors to Thai food? What about Pandan leaves before they’re loaded down with chicken? Figure out how to perceive the kinds of fixings like Galanga, Turmeric and Rambutan that are in the food sources you love to eat. Perceive the element of typical Thai dishes and make the best tasting sweet dessert, as Saku Saikai or Khao Nieow Ma Muang, to win this test.

Food blind fold challenge

Explore Bangkok with cultural Trail

Come and Explore Bangkok with cultural Trail. The most awesome aspect of the Amazing race Cultural Trail is that Everybody is a winner! The Amazing race Cultural Trail is particularly appropriate for Corporate and team cohesion. Amazing race Cultural Trail challenges can be tweaked explicitly to coordinate the prerequisites of your teams. 

The Amazing race Cultural Trail path Includes a Local who is experienced in their own culture trail , 1 experienced game expert per group, Set up and plans of the culture trail, raincoats and water bottles, a camera per group, Transportation budget for the entire team building event, Budget covering all costs during the race, all necessities required for the occasion, Soft drinks and refreshments in a cooled place for the awards, Gifts and prize for the champs and losers and lastly  and experience worth remembering.

Explore Bangkok with cultural Trail
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