Clean beaches and litter picking

To begin with, our clean beaches and litter picking are action for the planet. If you look around, more and more beaches are polluted by tourists who don’t pay attention. And as you know, tourism in Thailand drives the economy. But that’s no reason to dirty our beaches. So, we want you to fight with us against this pollution. You should know that this also affects animals such as fish or turtles. First of all, because of the plastic because the turtles think they are jellyfish.

Litter picking on the beach

First, our clean beaches help the environment to rebuild itself naturally. Thus, global warming is accelerating over time. So help us slow it down and make our beaches as we know them. So with your business, each person could collect 1 kg of garbage and the total weight of garbage could be huge! Then, you can organize the clean beaches in the form of a competition to motivate your employees. Thus, they would want to do a good deed by being motivated to collect the most garbage.

Clean beaches and litter picking

Second, our clean beaches and litter picking activity will give you a good perception from your customers. First of all, because protecting the environment has become a very serious criterion for customers. Thus, it is very important to have a positive image of the company which takes into account the pollution generated by tourists. Then, it will allow your employees to leave the professional framework. Thus, this will allow them to bond with each other and get to know each other. So, your company is taking action for the planet but also for the cohesion of your team. Then, our clean beaches can save lives. We must think of animals before we even!

Show your impact on the environment to the whole world

Third, our clean beaches and litter picking business is viewed positively by customers. Then you can show off your achievements to publicize your business. Thus, you could communicate your environmental actions on social networks. Like for example making an explanatory video of your day. Then, our clean beaches will allow you to indicate that your business has gone green. That is to say, she pays attention to pollution by initiating cleaning actions. And then, thanks to your advertising, you could make your customers want to participate too! So what are you waiting for coming and helping  us clean beaches and litter picking?

CSR beaching cleaning for Team Building BKK

Fourth, our clean beaches are the best thing you can do in your business. Thus, your employees would feel proud to work in a green company. Then, our team takes care of organizing the event. That is to say, we organize transport to get there and clean beaches. 

Our team also takes care of reserving the number of rooms in a hotel necessary for all your employees. So, you just have to invest yourself fully in this activity without worrying about anything. So, we want you to feel confident with a professional team. Our team will be on site throughout the event if you need our help. And if you wish, we can put on some music to create a good atmosphere. Then, we get every time a good return from your customers because we want to make their satisfaction good. 

Finally, we all want to be united in this action for the environment. So if you want to improve our planet, join us for our clean beaches and litter picking! Contact us by phone or on our website if you would like more information. Our team will be happy to accompany you during this ecological day.

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