Cocktail class

Need to learn how to make delicious cocktails? Mojito, Long Island and Margarita cocktails. These cocktails are the life of the party and most of us enjoy them very much and most of us probably do not know the effort put into making one. The art of cocktail making is difficult but interesting although creative. 

Our Cocktail class in Bangkok is one of the best team cohesion activities for adults in Bangkok! Use your creativity mixing wide ranges of beverages with our class in Bangkok. We can undoubtedly organize a custom cocktail class, by reaching us here at team building Bangkok. 

Our Cocktail class in Bangkok is well known for hen night parties, birthday parties, team cohesion and building, and considerably more. We have a scope of the best mixologists who teach cocktail classes for bigger occasions, and we can tweak the cocktail class in Bangkok to suit your preferences, in manners you’ve never envisioned. Connect and we’ll assemble your first ever cocktail class in Bangkok.

Cocktail Class

Cocktail class with mixologist expert

For the beginner cocktail connoisseur, our class with a mixologist expert in Bangkok is an incredible option. The Cocktail class in Bangkok theme wows you from the location to the drink menu, and with it you will learn the art of making delicious fresh cocktails which will be perfect during your desired events, perfect for team cohesion and even dates. With our corporate event planner experience something a little different in Bangkok just to take the edge off and to improve communication between employees.

Fun and stress release activity for your employees

Stress is a characteristic and basic inclination we get from work and can wipe you out. Employees around the globe are confronting an untouched low in psychological well-being, as stress and sadness are developing at a disturbing rate. Stress can make you remove time from work, just as passing up investing energy with companions, and your family. 

With our class in Bangkok, employees can be at ease while learning a new skill and obtaining team building skills. Our Cocktail class with a mixologist expert can be a Fun and stress release activity for your employees.

Cocktail class for Team Building BKK

Reward your staff with a convivial moment

There’s no better way to reward your staff with a convivial moment by giving your workers an encounter that they have been yearning for. Regardless of whether it’s enjoying a holiday break, a dinner or giving them an employee of the month award. Team building BKK has you covered. Be it a basic or rich event our class in Bangkok gives your colleagues encounters that are important and extraordinary is an incredible method to remunerate representatives.

Cocktail class through a treasure hunt in Bangkok

We can also provide a Cocktail class in Bangkok through a treasure hunt in Bangkok. Make a rundown of the ingredients you need for your cocktail and look for them around Bangkok markets; in doing this, there are a couple of interesting points when making your rundown. Ensure the cocktail ingredients are correct. 

At the market, you may have the option to deal with searching for various types of add-ons and spices to add to your cocktail. Likewise, you may pick things that you or your team prefer. For instance, if your team loves fruity cocktails then an excursion to the fruit market would be the best option. 

At long last, realize what’s in store at your objective so there is no mistake. Try not to miss key ingredients during your treasure hunt! Us being the best organizer we can make your Cocktail class in Bangkok a memorable moment.


cocktail class for Team Building Bangkok

Best cocktail class in Bangkok for your team building event

Much the same as some other compelling icebreaker action and team cohesion activities, the Best cocktail class in Bangkok for your team building event will unite your group as they partake in the experience of learning together. Toward the end of the class in Bangkok, everybody will have the option to meet up for a gathering where they can unwind, attempt every other activity, enjoy beverages and bond. This is the best time to Exploit our corporate events planning skills. So please contact us for your Cocktail class in Bangkok.

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