Thai boxing Team Building

Thai boxing is the most popular national sport of Thailand. This discipline is a physical and mental exercise. We offer the activity of Thai boxing team building in different ways.

Corporate Thai Boxing

Team building games, exercises and activities help build teams, develop employee motivation, improve communications and are fun. Thai boxing team building is an activity that will allow your teams to exercise and get to know each other better. It is a rigorous sport that requires good brainpower, mental skills like determination and technical ability. In addition to mental abilities such as willpower and courage, the fighter cultivates his resilience, his game intelligence, and his ability to make the right decision very quickly.

We offer a professional training for those who want to go further and a fun training for those who want to train in a playful way. You cannot miss to experience our Thai boxing team building when you come to Thailand.

Thai boxing Team Building

Fun Thai boxing initiation

This initiation to Thai boxing team building is composed of several fun challenges.

The first one consists in kicking in a pao which is good to improve techniques, reflexes, and endurance.

The second exercise is an uppercut-hook contest which consists in striking with the fist; the dodge which is a movement allowing to dodge the blows.

Then, another challenge is the blind fold, it’s a blind exercise where you receive instructions from the members of your team, it promotes communication between each of you and the trust.

We then organize a sparring in the ring with the best of each team to test your competitiveness.

This activity of Thai boxing team building takes place in a park under the aegis of a teacher assisted by his students who will be in charge of giving you all kinds of demonstrations. It’s a fun way to be introduced to Thai boxing.  Our animation team will be there to supervise you and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Why Thai boxing for your team building in Bangkok?

Thai boxing team building is a great way for foreigners to discover the Thai culture. This activity is especially ideal for corporate seminars and teams coming from abroad.

We offer you a professional training with an experienced teacher in a privatized Thai boxing venue, however, Thai boxing team building is also possible as a fun initiation through a treasure hunt game.

This activity will allow the development of the team spirit, and benefits to the company culture. The objective is to improve internal communication and physical conditions, to discover colleagues in a different way which results in a better satisfaction.

Team building Thai boxing training

Aside our fun initiation we also offer the hard training mode for Thai boxing team building. This special training aims to push the employees’ limits. It takes place with a high-level teacher and a boxing match ring.

Thai boxing training is tough. Each session lasts from 1 to 2 hours and incorporates multiple rounds of shadow boxing, heavy bag-work, pad-work, strength training and conditioning exercises. A healthy body today is a strong body tomorrow. Clearly, training Thai boxing regularly will improve overall fitness and strengthen the body. This Thai boxing team building will for sure solicit all your muscles.

Thai boxing team building with Amazing race

Thai boxing usually requires a lot of practice to get a pro to put on the gloves and step into the ring. With amazing race, you will get an interesting introduction under the guidance of a professional Thai boxing fighter for your Thai boxing team building.

Amazing race will introduce you to the most famous sport of Thailand. We have concocted for you in the form of treasure hunt, a sport tour where you will discover the petanque, obviously the Thai boxing and kick volley (Sepak Taklaw).

You will also be entitled to ultimate trail for corporate.

This is our bestseller in terms of activities to introduce foreigners to the culture. It combined all the best challenges offered in our Amazing Race trails.

Success is guaranteed! If you still hesitate on which activity to choose, contact us, we will offer a large range of options adapted to your needs and expectations so that you spend the best day with your team.

Best Thai boxing Team Building

We are pleased to offer you the best Thai boxing team building in Bangkok. We have THE way for you to discover Thailand’s culture which is full of resource and joy.

Whatever if you want to initiate, train like a pro, have fun in a playful way we’ve got what you need. We will make your day rewarding, while ensuring your safety on this incredible adventure.

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