CSR foosball charity

Besides our brainstorming, team-cohesion, creativity, ice-breaking, adventure, sport, treasure hunt and business activities, team building Bangkok has become expert in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events, by making them fun and entertaining while keeping in mind the goal of these CSR activities.

Our CSR foosball charity activity is one of our best-sellers, making everyone happy from the company CEO, to the junior employees, and of course the unprivileged children who receive the bicycle as a gift they will remember their whole life. 

CSR foosball charity for Kids Birthday Party

Corporate social responsibility charity

CSR activities are more and more present in the team building world, as a company can take the chance to help the environment or the poor communities and show their impact on the world to their clients, partners, and providers. Corporate social responsibility is often associated with activities designed to help the environment, but also through charity to unprivileged communities. 

We developed numerous partnerships with unprivileged schools, temples, churches, slums, and immigrant communities, that are always so happy to see us coming to assist them in their hard life. Help the communities, trigger the smiles Thailand is so famous for and show the whole world the positive impact your company chose to have on the planet.

The main issue with usual CSR activities is that they can be quite boring and participants might lose interest quite fast. Do not worry, we got your fun day covered thanks to our original ideas and professional animation team. Team building Bangkok is always ready to add the ‘’fun touch’’ you are looking for to get your employees involved and entertained. During this CSR foosball charity, participants are divided into teams, who have to build foosball tables from scratch with the spare parts provided. 

We can twist this CSR foosball charity activity by adding some challenges such as dividing the team between the messengers and the blind folded builders, handcuff the whole team and many other options to make this activity fun, entertaining and challenging. 

The winning team is the team who finishes its foosball table first and it has been approved by our animation team. Once the foosball tables are built, here comes the lovely part where participants will go to one of our partner unprivileged school to offer the foosball tables to the poor kids (for small groups) or we bring the kids to the venue so participants can hand them directly the foosball table (For bigger groups).

CSR foosball charity

Best CSR foosball charity event

If you are looking at doing some good around you while having a fun great time with your team, this CSR foosball charity activity might be a good option for you. Spend some quality time with your team through a fun yet challenging CSR activity, interact with unprivileged kids and trigger a large smile on their face, and keep great souvenir of your positive impact on the poor communities by sharing this CSR foosball charity event on your social networks and communication platforms. 

With our friendly yet professional animation team, our team of international managers and our 20+ years’ experience in creating entertaining CSR events, you are in safe hands with team building Bangkok. Moreover, this CSR foosball charity event can be conducted anywhere, anytime of the year, at one of our amazing venues or directly at your office or factory! 

Contact us now for more details, we can customize this CSR foosball charity event to your requirements, timing and location. This activity can also be arranged through the building of bicycles with a similar concept. Do you think kids would prefer to get a bicycle or a foosball table? 

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