Plant a Tree

Are you a company and want to organize a team building for your teams? But do you want this team building to have a strong impact? We have what you need: Team Building Bangkok offers you an activity called plant a tree in Bangkok. The concept is simple, we invite you and your team to come join us for an afternoon where we will plant trees and help our planet.

Plant a tree

Plant a tree to tackle climate change

Everyone knows that today due to urbanization there is less and less green space especially in big cities such as Bangkok. Green spaces are essential for the proper functioning of our planet and our ecosystem: this is why it is essential for us to preserve them as best as possible. Activities like planting a tree in Bangkok help with this sort of thing, it allows us to both organize a moment of restful relaxation while doing something useful and lasting for the planet. Plant a tree in Bangkok is therefore the perfect package for your small team to bring a little something extra to the Earth while having fun.

Plant a tree in Bangkok is the best activity that can be done during a team building, because it will bring your team together around a noble cause which is the fight against global warming.

In addition, plant tree in Bangkok is organized in the form of a game by our teams, we create games during which the goal is to win tokens, the more you earn tokens the more we bring you closer to the prize which is a gift. This will make your team feel that they are not only doing a good deed, but also having fun.

plant a tree for team building BKK

Show your impact on the climate to the whole world

With Team Building Bangkok, we help you set a good example and good deeds of your business to others. We then take many high-quality photos of you and your teams in action with which you will leave and which you can post on your sites for example or even on your premises.

With the photos of your teams during the plant a tree in Bangkok, will have a real impact on your customers and on other companies who will be motivated to do the same thing as you: which will help the planet even more. and make your business shine even more. 

Plant a tree in Bangkok as your corporate social responsibility

As we explained to you, plant a tree in Bangkok is really the ideal activity! In addition, doing outdoor activities can do a lot of good for your employees. First of all, this allows them to spend a day together without being at the office and being able to socialize in a place other than at work, which necessarily creates bonds.

In addition, being outside during the plant a tree in Bangkok and breathing fresh air will allow them to relax, unwind, release the pressure of work and clear their mind: all its benefits of the plant a tree in Bangkok will make your employees much more productive and motivated than they were before coming. 

Plant a tree in Bangkok is the best team building you can do: so, what are you waiting for to contact us? We will organize your day at plant a tree in Bangkok for you, no matter how many employees you have, the more you have the better because it will make the games even more interesting.

So, call for more information, you can also contact us on social networks for more information on our reservations and prices.



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