Laser game in Bangkok

For start, do you want to play a shooting game? Probably if you’re here! But it’s not a game like paintball where it’s hot or the equipment is heavy to carry. And you can hurt yourself because of the colored bullets. Thus, we offer you to play laser game in Bangkok. So you can play inside with air conditioning. Then you won’t get hurt because they’re lasers and it doesn’t go through your skin. Then, your equipment is very light which will allow you to be faster.

Laser game in Bangkok

Laser tag for team cohesion in Bangkok

First, the laser game in Bangkok helps to strengthen your group cohesion. Sometimes we are not very close to our co-workers. Thus, it would allow to get to know them but also to trust them. Because depending on your game mode, you may end up in a team and have to win together. The laser game in Bangkok will also allow you to communicate more with each other. That is, you can share an activity outside of work in a fun atmosphere.

Then we privatize the room only for team. Thus, the laser game in Bangkok will be just for you and to let your shooting talent express itself. Then, this game will allow you to decompress work and get out of the professional environment. Besides, you do sports so it does you good mentally but also good physically.

Laser game competition in Bangkok

Secondly, the laser game in Bangkok is also a competition game. So, thanks to your lightweight equipment, your points are counted. That is, you have targets on your back, torso, arms and shoulders. Thus, if your opponent manages to hit one of these targets, he gains points. While you, the light from your equipment turns off for a few seconds. Thus, it indicates that you are dead but that the lights will light up after the time runs out.

Then, if your opponent hits you in the target on your back, it will make him more points than on the other targets. Thus, the laser game in Bangkok allows you to strengthen team cohesion by protecting these colleagues. Then it’s a competitive game because you have to try to hold those positions as long as possible. So you have to be organized with these allies to dethrone the base of the opponents.

Laser tag Bangkok

Best Laser game in Bangkok

Third, the laser game in Bangkok has the best equipment on the market. That is, the vests with the targets are very light. Then there are the guns that are also light and the guns are of very good quality. Thus, all this equipment has lights that allow you to distinguish yourself from your opponents.

About the points level, they are all counting and will be displayed at the exit to find out who the winning team is. Next, we will also give you your shooting accuracy, your number of targets reached and your missed. There are several game modes like for example be in team or be alone. So you can choose your laser game in Bangkok according to your expectations. Then, our team is at your disposal to equip you and you give the instructions to follow. First of all, because safety is our priority and we want you to have fun.

Laser game team building
To conclude, the laser game in Bangkok is the best game to have fun. This way, you can play with your family, friends or colleagues at work. So what are you waiting for? Contact us by phone or on the website for more information. Our team will be pleased to welcome you to our laser game in Bangkok.
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