Foosball table for team building

Most foreigners got nostalgy when thinking about foosball as they used to play when they were teenagers during they college, high school and university years. However, foosball is a real sport, with international official tournament, with its dose of fun. Check below our options for foosball table for team building prupose.
foosball table

Foosball table at your office to entertain your employees

Have you ever thought about buying a great team building tool that you can use for the long term at your office? is offering top quality French style foosball tables for sale in Thailand. With telescopic bars, ‘’Gerflex’’ playing surface, stainless steel players, and massive wood legs, all the specifications are here to make it the ideal, long lasting foosball table. Whereas, the foosball table were firstly designed to reach the private market, we found out that 80% of the foosball sales was from companies, to add a fun touch to their office and reward their employees. Companies usually place a foosball table in their game room, in their cafeteria or in their lobby. This can be a great tool to entertain your employees, but not only! You have client coming to your office and you offer them the standard waiting room with some magazine? Upgrade your game and offer your clients to play foosball in your own office during they are waiting for their meeting. Moreover, we customize the foosball tables with painting or stickers of the company logo or any design you might require for your foosball table for team building. More than 250 companies in Bangkok bought their foosball table from us since 2013 and they are all super proud of it!

Foosball contest for your team building event

Aside the fact that you can acquire a foosball table for team building on the long term at your office, It is also possible to organize a temporary foosball contest between your employees. This is a recurrent request we got from companies as they understand the great value of a foosball table for team building purpose. We organized numerous private foosball contest in the framework of their team building event, and this is always a success, we can provide numerous tables at the same time, can arrange the logistic to deliver them to anywhere, anytime, we provide the animation team including the referee with the relevant costume and we also provide all the decoration going with it. 

We usually organize our foosball contest in an hotel conference room or outdoor near the pool area, and we can arrange many other activities based on the company requirements. Contact us now to discuss the organization of your awesome foosball contest, a fun time with your employees!


Why foosball for team building is the best team cohesion tool

When you think about foosball you might think about teenagers spending their time playing during their study life. However, foosball is much more than this and is the perfect team building tool, whether you buy a foosball table for team building at your office or you want to organize a foosball contest among your employees. Having a foosball table at your office allows your employees to play during the lunch or other breaks, creating a great working fun atmosphere. Employees will release some stress before getting back to work with peace of mind. It is also a great way to make employees interact with each other’s and develop some bounds, through a fun activity, in your office daily life.

 Moreover, foosball table for team building is also a great tool to have some friendly competition between your staff, and having your staff getting closer to each other by teasing each other about their foosball skills and victories.

A foosball table for teambuilding is a great addition to your office, we got only positive feedback from our clients and some informed us that their staff are coming one hour early to the office everyday to be able to have their foosball game before starting to work, with a clear mind and more motivation!

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