Blind Test

While some companies opt for brainstorming and team cohesion activities, some others are focusing on the well being of their employees and looking for fun activities to release the stress of their employees. Our blind fold activities and blind tests are a fun stress release activity to experience with your employees. You will find below some examples of this fun stress release activity for your team building event.

Blind test

Food Blind fold

Whether you are Thai national or foreigner, Thai food still keeps its own secret that are up to you to discover through a fun stress release activity. Participants will be blind folded at turn and will taste a dish with the assistance of our fun animation team. By team. Participants will have to recognize as many ingredients as possible from the delicious dish provided. This part is a great team cohesion exercise, as participants will have to give us their selected ingredient list as a team, after discussing together and getting to an ultimate agreement. 

We provide an ingredient list with a multitude of ingredients (with some funny and some tricky ones), and each team will deliberate to select the ingredient they think they recognized. This fun stress release activity can be arranged with any kind of food (on demand) and can be organized anywhere based on your requirements. We can arrange it in a hotel conference room, at the park, at the local restaurants, in a temple and the best options would be for you to try our blind fold fun stress release activity during our cultural treasure hunt ‘’Amazing Adventure Bangkok’’ where this blind fold activity will insert in a series of similar fun stress release activities.  

Food Blind Test for Team Building Bangkok

Blind test during treasure hunt

As mentioned above, our treasure hunt in Bangkok is one of our best seller team building activities and is the perfect occasion to try our Thai food blind fold fun stress release activity. We offer this activity in our ‘’Gastronomic’’ trail with ‘’Amazing Adventure Bangkok’’. Along with buying ingredients and fresh food in a local market with a limited budget, learning how to cook on the most famous Thai dish in a local restaurant or directly in an amazing temple in Bangkok center, learning how to order the right dishes in Thai language, this blind folded fun stress release activity is perfect for teams looking for some adventure wit the right dose of fun!

Aroma Blind

Aroma blind test

Another fun stress release activity based on blind fold is our ‘’Aroma Guessing’’ activity. This activity is better to be organized indoor, in one of our fabulous venue for your team building event. Each recipient is opaque and there is a special smell inside. Each team will have to take a team decision to decide which smell is in each recipient. Each participant will smell the recipients at their convenience, and will discuss together each recipient to finally agree on one specific smell they think they recognize. In competition with the other teams, this fun stress release activity can be a fun way to share beautiful time with your team and employees.

Music blind test

Music Blind test

Aside from these food and aroma blind tests, we also offer the infamous music blind test as one of our fun stress release activities for your team building event. Equipped with buzzers and the relevant logistic system, feel like a star of a TV show, among your own corporate team. Each team is provided with a buzzer and has to find out the name or artist of the song before the other teams. With our friendly animation team, be ready to spend a fun time with your team through this fun stress release activity.

As you understand, this fun stress release activity is great to spend some fun time with your team while helping them to take some groups decisions to win the challenges. Contact us now for more details!

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