Food Blind Test for Team Building Bangkok

Have an amazing time by blind fold and blind test contest where you can get or let taste foods, drinks and other consumptions that would make your day or just give something spicy to one of your friends and have a big laugh while he/she bounces around. Among many culture blind fold and blind test has become an increasingly fun activity where creative ideas, games and challenges are organized to entertain one another, discover with Team building Bangkok the activities we have prepared for your team building night out. 


Join us for one our creativity session of cooking class, where we introduce different cuisines, dishes, sweets and cultures from various countries to entertain you. No abilities or skills required as it is purely to make you enjoy yourself with all of your friends in preparing and baking tasty dishes with the assistance of our professional chefs. Your idea, creativity, enthusiasm are the main ingredients towards an awesome night full of excitement among great company.  

Aroma Blind

How about an amazing night full of figuring out aromas, different scent and fun games with friends while on a night out. Our professionals will bring some great foods, drinks, herbs and various other materials that give off sweet and nice scent. We will introduce you to the most beautiful materials from different cultures that will blow you away with its scents that will be undesirable but that will be a challenging fun game. 

fruit carving

Learn how to decorate a party by fruit carving and pick up carving skills that will be part of you after you leave our talent carving session. No need for any special skills. It will be a fun way for you to design and carve your fruit however you like from simple to advance to entertain yourself with many various activities. Team building Bangkok has many other offers that can be mixed with other activities for you to participate in. We are simply good at what we provide to our guests and how to keep you entertained without worrying about tomorrow.

Thai Boxing/ Muay Thai

For those who really want to unwind and blow off some steam we recommend Thai boxing. The most beloved sport in Bangkok and across Thailand where you will be to learn of defense yourself and kick some ass in the process. Thai boxing is about learning strategies, creativities and precision during your demo training session, you will find it be a lot more different than your working environment. This martial art and combat sport is described as stand-up striking along various clinching techniques through a decline known as the art of eight limbs, where we will teach you some very cool techniques to be awesome.

Thai Craft

Thai craft involves designing handmade cool artifacts. You will be introduced to Thai culture art and how this art has been in generations that is passed on by their elders. Your crafts you will be able to take home with you and it will be one cool memory that you would have captured through the fine art of Thai craft. With each of our activities you will find food, music and various other entering surprises that will make your night, so be our guests of honor and let us entertain you.

Thai Dance for Amazing Adventure Bangkok

A perfect traditional Thai dancing is a combination with graceful body movements with cool costumes and music. You will be able to  choose from six different elegant and beautiful forms of Thai dance, for examples like: the Kohn a beautiful masked dance, li-khe combination of various elements and is one of the most popular dance across Thailand, Ram Wong, where you can dance around in circle bringing men and women together, Shadow puppetry one of the oldest art, Lakhon Lek which uses puppet props in the performance and Lakhon which is mostly performed by women. Enjoy yourself and learn dancing moves that can inspire you. 

Thai Massage Team Building BKK

This ancient therapy is an old technique which goes back 2500 years, coming from India during the time of Buddha. A traditional massage which is still used in conjunction with other traditional medicines, it will make you feel incredible, relieving stress, tension in joints and muscles or feeling stiff during hard working and it is a very different approach than that of westerns messages. Come to find out more, what we have to offer you on this amazing adventure for your team building in the city of Bangkok. 

Team Work is the Key !!

That’s what make the difference between companies, has the biggest impact on success and what you should definitely focus on.

The willingness of your teammates to work as one and help each other will make it easier to achieve any deadline.

All this activities focus mainly on it and should be an important part of your next team building.

Bring them closer to your company values.

This is the right moment to do it, as they work together and share a common objective. They focus on achieving the same goals it makes it easier to implement your core values.

We work with our clients to design the best outcomes for their event


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