Circus Show

As a captivating corporate event in Bangkok, we present you and your esteemed team with an extraordinary opportunity to transform into a traveling caravan circus that has just arrived in the vibrant city of Bangkok. Picture yourselves as a talented ensemble of circus artists, ready to showcase your skills in our thrilling Circus Challenge event!

In this unique team building experience, you and your colleagues will captivate the audience of Bangkok with a mesmerizing array of circus shows. Whether it’s the art of illusion as a Magician, mastering the art of juggling, or showcasing your finesse with the Devil Stick, your team can choose the performance that resonates most with your talents and preferences on a crcus show. This is your moment to shine as the star performers of our corporate event, impressing the Thai public with your incredible skills and showmanship.

Circus show activity

Not limited to these acts alone, the Circus show Challenge offers a range of engaging activities. Take the stage and master the art of Plate Spinning, a skill that requires focus, coordination, and balance. Feel the rhythm and showcase your skills with the Hula Hoop, an activity that encourages creativity, coordination, and teamwork. Let the Poi Poi dancers within your team mesmerize the audience with their elegant movements, enhancing synchronization and promoting unity.

Challenge yourselves further with the Diabolo, a test of precision, hand-eye coordination, and teamwork. The delicate art of Balancing Feathers will push your team members to work together harmoniously, building trust and enhancing collaboration. Bring grace and elegance to the stage with Ribbon Dancing, an activity that promotes synchronization, communication, and a sense of shared achievement.

Elevate your performance in the circus show by mastering the art of Stilt Walking, a feat that requires balance, coordination, and a collective effort. Engage in a friendly competition with Paddle Ball, fostering camaraderie, teamwork, and a fun spirit of collaboration. And don’t forget the power of Mime, where the absence of words becomes a medium of communication, encouraging nonverbal expression, observation, and effective teamwork.

Vibrant costumes and makeup

What is a circus show without the vibrant costumes and enchanting makeup? In our Circus Challenge, you have the freedom to dress up as clowns, traditional Thai dancers, or any other fitting character that complements your chosen show. Immerse yourselves in the vivid Thai culture with traditional costumes, or opt for classic circus attire—it’s all about creating an authentic experience.

Now, let the preparations commence! Under the guidance of our expert circus show trainers, you will embark on a thrilling journey of practicing juggling, balancing acts, and manipulating clubs and knives. Unleash the inner circus artist within you, as you enjoy this corporate meeting while taking your practice seriously. The grand finale, the performance of your new circus company in Thailand, is just around the corner. But there’s more to the circus challenge than just human performers. You will also have the opportunity to work with our well-cared-for animals, adding an exciting element to the experience. This interaction enhances organizational and problem-solving skills, taking you out of the confines of the office and into a realm that requires meticulous planning and coordination.

Circus show challenge

Finally, during the Circus show Challenge, you’ll have the joy of participating in traditional Thai songs and dances alongside our enthusiastic performers. These delightful “little people” are eager to share the stage with you in this grand corporate event. A final dance, a final song, and you’re ready to mesmerize the audience. We will create an authentic circus setting for you right here in the heart of Bangkok. Immerse yourselves in an atmosphere that perfectly sets the stage for your performance, allowing you to showcase what you’ve learned throughout the day in this remarkable team building experience.

And as a fitting finale to your day of adventure, consider the option of culminating the Circus show Challenge with a splendid gala dinner. This grand showperformed during a delightful Thai dinner, enables you to demonstrate your newfound skills in front of others, adding a touch of excitement and camaraderie to conclude the day on a high note. This team building circus workshop offers a multitude of benefits for your corporate team. As you engage in various circus activities, you’ll unleash creativity and innovative thinking to captivate your audience. The challenge of mastering new skills encourages you to think out of the box, pushing boundaries and exploring untapped potentials within your team.

Each activity in the workshop serves as a platform to explore and leverage each other’s strengths. Whether it’s the precision of the juggler, the balance of the stilt walker, or the coordination of the ribbon dancer, every team member has an opportunity to shine and contribute to the collective success. By recognizing and utilizing individual talents, you enhance team spirit and foster a sense of unity.

circus show

circus show workshop

Engaging in the team building circus workshop also strengthens relationships among team members. Collaboration and mutual support become vital as you learn to rely on each other for flawless performances. Through shared challenges and accomplishments, bonds are formed and trust is developed, creating a solid foundation for effective collaboration and open communication in the workplace.

Moreover, the workshop provides an incredible fun-filled day that breaks the monotony of routine office work. It introduces an element of excitement, adventure, and laughter, bringing a refreshing change of environment and mindset. By stepping into the role of circus performers, you embark on a journey of self-expression, personal growth, and collective enjoyment.

With a participant capacity ranging from 10 to 200 people, this indoor/outdoor activity is suitable for teams of all sizes. The workshop, including a brief introduction, spans a duration of approximately 3 hours, ensuring an engaging and immersive experience for all participants. The energy level is moderate, allowing for active participation and a sense of accomplishment.

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