Adventure and Sport

Adventure and Sport

Enjoy yourself with some great challenges prepared for you and your teammates through adventure and sport activities by Team building Bangkok. Great sessions with full excitement and fun to make everyone revive their inner 

Explore Bangkok with cultural Trail

Amazing culture adventure

It is all about discovering the hidden secrets in the great city of Bangkok, where you will come across many incredible sites, culture history, stories that give you a better understanding of Thai culture and the country’s history. You will Thai delicacy, cuisines, art, music, costumes and tradition that you can experience and tell its tales to your friends, loved ones or share it among the company of great people. 

Fun team building event Bangkok

Thailand is known for its rich cuisines that are made of home grown ingredients that are delicious and tasty to die for. We will introduce you to the most traditional and modern dishes that will blow you away on your amazing gastronomic adventure. Learn how to prepare a Thai meal and take some Thai cooking culture with you to home. 

Food amazing race

You will be entertained with an amazing ultimate adventure through many great places, where you can find ultimate challenges, games and activities to entertain yourself with. Amazing ultimate adventure will surprise you with the most great events, music, activities and cuisines that you enjoy while having the time of your life. 

Night Trail Challenges

How about a wonderful trail through the city of Bangkok, Chonburi, or any other amazing place where you can trail with your friends to have a fun day. Join us for this great adventure that will bring you inner peace by visiting wonderful places.

Rafting Jaciara

Why not have a great rafting through beautiful rivers and reefs through aqua rafting on a beautiful sunny day. Nothing is more fun when you are having a great time on the waters that will sweep you away through the greenery, hills, beautiful rivers sides that you have never come across and where fun is unlimited without any worries. 

Fun Bamboo Raft Thailand

Various options for rafting can be arranged like this bamboo rafting cruise, that is totally handmade to entertain you with adventures, sights and beautiful places. The guide with bamboo rafting is just as luxurious as anything else where your entertainment will be our priority to us so that you can find your way back to us in the future.  

Agro bike company outing

While agro biking offers some great challenges it will also give you  the opportunity to bike around beautiful places that are difficult to reach via bus, boat or any other means. Agro bikes can be done with many friends that can entertain one another until your final destination. Nothing is more adventurous when there are many options available for you to have fun in different activities that Team building Bangkok has to offer. 

Archery for team building

Have an opportunity to learn a totally new different skill with which you can show off in front of your friends like Archery. We will arrange many great fun things for you to shoot on and improve your archery skills, which you can make your hobby. Archery is an excellent adventure with which you can hunt, sport and use as recreation anywhere you like. 

Futsal TB

Another great team activity is futsal where you can have a team competition to enjoy yourself and create great memories with your friends. Have a barbeque, drinks and other various food to enjoy while running and jumping around during futsal game events. Of course there will be activities in which you can participate during your day out. 

Hydro bike for company outing

Just have another means of having an adventure run on water manil through Hydrobike where you can paddle away through great places on a river, ocean or other wonderful places that can make your day worth a while. Have a great time with your friends by competing with one another on waters and entertain yourself in the process.

Karting for team building

Enjoy and entertain yourself by competing in a small formula-1 karting race where you can go as fast as it can go and what greater way to rock your event than after celebration with great music, delicious food and various beverages that you enjoy. Entertaining brings always great pleasure to everyone and Team building Bangkok will organize the best activities for you and your friends in a perfect location. 

Wakeboard TB Bangkok

Prepare yourself for a great laugh and get extremly wet with wakeboarding in this incredible activity that is becoming extremely popular among many professionals and people around the world. You will be pulled through wakeboarding by a high speed cable system along with most of your friends on the water to entertain and enjoy the activity. 

Paintball for team building

Shooting through paint ball games around the game zone that are specially made to cover and attack your opponents in a friendly shooting game. Made for worries who knows how to survive the game till the end and complete missions that are exciting to do. 

mud camp company outing

Mud camp competition is a funny and exciting way to get dirty without any worries. Have a laugh and jump around in muddy places while everything around you is made to get muddy. Mud camp is an outdoor activity for relaxation and great moments that can be created with these various other activities that will be made available to you and your team. 

Zipline company outing

With treetop zipline you can glide through a tree from a great distance and see the great beauties of nature from a height with a great view. Zipline adventure is an extremely popular activity that can be done across many great places through the city of Bangkok. team building will assist you in perfect day/night out with your great friends and loved ones.

Team Work is the Key !!

That’s what make the difference between companies, has the biggest impact on success and what you should definitely focus on.

The willingness of your teammates to work as one and help each other will make it easier to achieve any deadline.

All this activities focus mainly on it and should be an important part of your next team building.

Bring them closer to your company values.

This is the right moment to do it, as they work together and share a common objective. They focus on achieving the same goals it makes it easier to implement your core values.

We work with our clients to design the best outcomes for their event