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Welcome to a special event where your professional and personal lives merge! Bangkok Company Family Outing is designed to offer an enjoyable and bonding experience for employees’ families. It’s a wonderful chance for children, spouses, and parents to discover the workplace of their loved ones, understand their daily responsibilities, and interact with colleagues in a relaxed, fun-filled setting.

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What are the benefits ?

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

By including families in corporate events, employees feel more valued and appreciated, leading to higher job satisfaction.

Increased Loyalty

When employees' families are engaged, it fosters a deeper connection to the company, increasing overall loyalty and retention.

Improved Team Morale

Fun and interactive family outings help improve team morale, making the workplace more enjoyable and productive.

Stronger Workplace Relationships

These outings provide an opportunity for employees and their families to interact in a relaxed setting, strengthening workplace relationships and camaraderie.

Positive Company Image

Hosting family-friendly events enhances the company’s image as a caring and supportive employer, attracting potential new hires.

Community Building

By fostering a sense of community among employees and their families, the company can build a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Company Family Outing


Activities Specially designed for Kids & Families

Experience a day filled with engaging activities, delicious food, and unforgettable moments. From creative stations and dynamic game zones to thrilling outdoor adventures, every aspect of the Bangkok Company Family Outing is crafted to strengthen family bonds and foster a sense of community within the company. Enjoy interactive performances, participate in fun challenges, and create lasting memories with your work family and loved ones.

Company outing outside of Bangkok

Escape the city with thrilling activities near Thailand’s beautiful beaches or in its lush natural landscapes. Enjoy team-building exercises, beach sports, or nature hikes, all designed for memorable experiences and stronger bonds among colleagues.

Bike company outing Kanchanaburi

Exciting Outdoor Activities

Experience the charm of Thailand with our curated adventures. Enjoy hydrobiking, bamboo rafting, and more in Kanchanaburi or along stunning beaches. These activities provide thrilling and memorable experiences for families, promoting fun and togetherness in a beautiful natural setting.

Outdoor Sports Adventures

We organize sports activities in beautiful natural settings and top-notch facilities, providing a healthy and invigorating escape from the daily routine. Enjoy a variety of activities that promote fitness, teamwork, and fun in stunning environments.

Evening Activities

Gala Dinner for company family outing

Family-Friendly Dining Experiences

Our family-friendly dining experiences are perfect for all ages, featuring special menus and settings that cater to both adults and children. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can savor delicious food while bonding over the day’s adventures.

Special Events with Kids' Activities

We organize exclusive dinner cruises and gala dinners, ensuring parents can unwind while kids engage in fun activities. These events are designed to provide a memorable experience for the whole family, combining relaxation for adults with entertainment for children.

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Why Choose Us for Your Corporate Family Days in Bangkok?

With years of experience organizing corporate events and kids birthdays and team-building across Thailand, we bring unmatched expertise to your Bangkok Company Family Outing. Our skilled team creates events that strengthen family ties and boost employee engagement, tailored to your company’s unique needs and values, fostering a strong community spirit.

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