Best CSR activities in Bangkok

Best CSR activities in Bangkok. CSR activities give importance to how business is practiced and impacts marginalized groups in the entire society. A lot of opportunities and markets are not exposed because of the way old traditional business thinks that it’s not profit-making at all.  When an enterprise is socially active it embraces Corporate Social Responsibility. Such accountability and commitment are required. This Social responsibility these days plays a vital role for any company as well as for society both.

These are the best CSR activities in Bangkok

Educational Donations

Firstly, this is one of the best CSR activities in Bangkok. Such activities majorly focus on education and why education is important in our society. Firstly for this activity volunteers divided into groups to buy necessary stuff. Necessary stationery items such as educational games, fun games and demonstrate why these things are very much necessary to our society, especially to be needy once and schools of the underprivileged district in Bangkok. Education plays a vital role in our society. And at the end of the session participant will participate in the various workshops to spread a message: that why education is important in our society through various cultural and motivational programs.


Secondly, under this activity, the participant will demonstrate various animations for children. A smile of kids matters a lot Activities include various cultural dances majorly local cultural dance, photo workshop sessions, acting classes, etc. This is one of the best CSR activities in Bangkok. Some colorful costumes as well as face painting. I am sure all kids will enjoy themselves a lot after these sessions and will have a good time and a memorable day.

Build a Bike

Thirdly, these activities require utmost teamwork and teach you why teamwork is more important in life. The significance of teamwork in this activity you will learn when someone is in difficulty. You will learn the assembling of things through different bike kits. And the challenges you will face during assembling the various kits. After assembling you will learn how to overcome these challenges in a particular task or in individual lives. These are the best CSR activities in Bangkok.

CSR bicycle charity for team building BKK

Food Donations

Moreover, we have the best CSR activities in Bangkok for food donations for the needy once. We have cooking classes on how you can easily make food: less time-consuming to feed needy people. Under this activity, we teach how efficient and in-effective ways cooking methods as well as buy the necessary ingredients from local markets. Arranging disposable plates for the packaging of foods with no wastage will be our mission and vision. Maximum satisfaction to feed the hunger once will be our main objective for food donations. So, these are the best CSR activities in Bangkok.

Clean the River

In addition, we have the best CSR activities in Bangkok for environmental challenges. In this activity, we demonstrate why cleaning the environment is important. We provide the equipment for cleaning. Activity is done on the boat for cleaning the river and collecting wastes and garbage from the river.

Plant Trees

We also have the CRS activity for planting trees. In this activity, you will participate why the reforestation of trees is important for our society. Trees have their own significance in humans’ lives. 

Paws Association

This CSR activity is for the Paws association. Is organized in a pet shop. Firstly, you have to collect all the necessary stuff such as food, medicine, chew toys, etc. Then donation is given to the paws association.

Botanical Garden

This CSR activity is for planting the botanical garden in slum areas. All necessary fruits and vegetables to the needy people. Trees play a significant role in human life. A single tree is a shelter for many things. Trees are much more important in our lives.

Mini Golf

This is the best CSR activity in Bangkok for golf lovers. We create a mini golf court with cans, boxes, and with other materials. Different teams are divided with the same equipment for developing a mini golf court. I am sure you will enjoy this activity most. Prizes will be given to those who are the most creative and better forming teams for mini golf.

Foosball Donation

This CSR activity requires teamwork. Necessary kits are purchased for foosball and then assembled for donation. So this the best CSR activities in Bangkok. Such activity is much loved by the kids. Majorly this educational activity aims for the children for dedicating time to and also we provide electronic gadgets which help towards education. Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary schools are our main focuses for such activity. 

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