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The Most Wanted Professions in Thailand

When people think of Thailand many things come to mind, a country rich in history, filled with culture, heavenly weather, stunning beaches and most importantly “The Land of Smiles”. It is no wonder why people want to live here, but in order to live in paradise many expats can go through a difficult time finding a legitimate job. We have done some digging and found some of the most sought after professions in Thailand.

Teaching English in Thailand

Teaching is the most popular and largest job market in Thailand for an expat. With English being the most In-demand subject. If you’re a native English speaker, many schools will accept you with a four-year bachelor’s degree from an English speaking country. A master’s degree in education is the preferred choice but many schools will accept just a bachelor degree in any field, these have to be paired with a TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certificate. A lot of private and international schools will also recruit for native speakers with a teaching degree to teach other courses such as math and science.

Don’t worry about not being able to speak Thai; this is actually a requirement for many international schools. They want the children or adults to be fully immersed in the language. While an entry level teaching position in a public school will only get you around 30-35k Thai Baht per month, the private sector jobs pay between 45-80k per month based on experience. Freelance tutoring is an available option where teachers have the opportunity to earn extra money by giving private tutoring or working only on the weekends.

Staff turnover is fairly high for teaching positions, for this reason you should always check out any new listings. If you’re already living in Thailand we recommend making personal visits to the schools of your choice and dropping your resume off, since
the school year begins in May and ends in March it’s best to apply one month prior to the school year starting. Thailand is the perfect place for teachers that love to travel because of the extended breaks in October and April, plus several local holidays. Websites like or are a great place to look for teaching positions and provide a great insight to the type of roles currently available.

Freelance Writer

If you have a free soul that seeks adventure and travel then writing might just be the perfect job for you. Thailand is a huge tourist attraction; Bangkok alone was the most visited city in 2016 with around 21.47 million according to Conde Nas Traveler. As a result Thai websites, newspapers, travel reviews and magazines are constantly seeking for writers to be able to capture the minds and hearts of all the visitors and locals in Thailand.

Having a proven track record as a content writer, such as a blog where you document all of your adventures can help to show experience as a writer. Many successful blog writers get paid by companies to advertise on their site because they have been able to capture a large enough audience. The salary for freelance writers in Thailand depends on the specific company and the length of the project you are engaged in.

Websites like and are great for finding freelance writing jobs. Thailand also has amazing magazines and newspapers with headquarters in Bangkok; these are often actively recruiting for writers. Bangkok Post, Guru Magazine (branch of Bangkok Post), Travel & Leisure, Latitudes, The Editor and Bangkok Coconuts are just a few to mention.

Thailand-Based Entrepreneur

Many expats are tired of the corporate ladder in their own country and dream of becoming their own boss. Thailand is booming, and as a result there’s plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurship in every area. If you have the drive to succeed and ability to take punches, this option is the perfect one for you.

Thailand-based entrepreneurship is not just a career choice but also a lifestyle many people choose when moving to Thailand. There are tons of groups around Thailand designed to support each other and assist with networking. The Franco Thai Chamber of Commerce ( does events every month to support networking among all the nationalities present in Bangkok, another great website is this one tells you about all the different event going in bangkok.

Depending on the industry you choose there is probably a group for you on Facebook, this is a great place to discover new possibilities and meeting people. Groups like Desperately Seeking Bangkok and Bangkok Expats Classifieds Forum have over 25,000 members each. Please be aware that there are restrictions for this depending on your country of origin, but we do encourage you to look more into it before jumping into business here.

Whatever you decide to do in Thailand make sure you follow your passion. The opportunities are here, it might take some time and research before you can fully accomplish your professional goals. Make sure to look for opportunities and like-minded individuals looking to build a life in the Land of Smiles.